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Oct 31, 2020

I love the story of the brother of Jared. This time when reading this passage of scripture I was struck by something I am super passionate about - Identifying feelings and processing them. 

You are going to LOOOOVE this insight I had as I read it this time because when you realize what processing feelings led to...

Oct 28, 2020

We were on the river and everyone was not their best self and it was ugly. In today's episode, I share a time on the river when my whole family was big-time frustrated and how a car in the river taught us some powerful lessons in humility. 

Oct 24, 2020

I used to think when Christ said to the three Nephites who wanted to stay on earth "more blessed are ye" that he really was saying, "I love you more, you're my favorite." I had a new thought about this time I read it and it's super encouraging.

Oct 21, 2020

People will do things you don't understand or comprehend and you experience emotional pain because of their actions. You can't control them but you can choose to actually feel and honor your pain and then move beyond it.

I would love to hear if you feel inspired to actually embrace pain the next time it comes your way....

Oct 17, 2020

God asks you to prove Him by paying tithing and He will shower you with blessings. If you need blessings pay your tithing and watch how God will bless you.