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Nov 27, 2019

Enjoy this episode about reflection and gratitude! I am so thrilled about how far I have come and the seasons of life and how they have transformed me.

What season are you in? 

Nov 23, 2019

James reminds us the power we have in the word we choose to say. 

Our words have power to literally destroy and impact for negative just as fire can destroy that which it burns. 

How will you use your words? To destroy or to uplift and empower?

Nov 20, 2019

In this episode we traveled across Europe and explored and embraced amazing cultures and my kids favorite thing was so unexpected! They loved the mud puppies they found in a little creek in Slovenia. 

Jesus encouraged us to be like little children and I think a reason why is because He wants us to marvel and delight in...

Nov 16, 2019

God created you and me and every other person on the planet! It's amazing and wonderful and true!

I hope you enjoy this reminder of who you are and who you can become.

Nov 13, 2019

It was a 13 days before I turned 20 when Ben proposed to me. I KNEW he was going to do that evening. I didn't know how or when but I had even told my friend in dance history that morning that I thought my boyfriend was going to propose.

In this episode I read directly from my journal entry I wrote that very evening...