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Apr 29, 2020

Celebrating what we know is a glorious thing! Equally glorious and important is taking the time to reflect on how you got to the place where you know what you know. 

In this episode, I share why I know that seeking light is transformative and the journey that got me to the place where I am today. 

Apr 25, 2020

King Benjamin is inviting us to believe in God. I share how looking at similar words to the word Believe has deepened my understanding of Mosiah 4:9. 

What does "believing" mean to you? 

Apr 22, 2020

I know that God has a sense of humor. Seriously, He does... and I am grateful for it. 

In today's episode, I share just a few of the experiences which built this knowledge that I have in God's sense of humor.

What do you think? Have you had experiences that led you to believe wholeheartedly that God has a sense of...

Apr 18, 2020

How do you strengthen your ability to hear the words of the Lord and open your heart to His mysteries? 

After being inspired by the words of King Benjamin I feel compelled to recommit myself to daily meditation and to focus on listening when I pray rather than talking so much. 


Apr 15, 2020

This month I am inviting you to celebrate what you know! 

What do you know? Like, really know and believe with your whole heart?

Today's episode I get candid with you and share how I personally know there are no coincidences in life. I have had too many experiences that have proved to me that God is in the details of...