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Jul 29, 2020

Answer these two questions-

When was the last time you second guessed yourself?


Before you make a decision do you need to have someone else validate you????

Look for YEARS I would flip flop between feeling really good about something and totally second-guessing myself.

This resulted in the feeling of being...

Jul 25, 2020

Did you know God can rescue you from absolutely anything? YOu can be made a new through the Atonement of Jesus Christ and it's amazing. 

Enjoy this quick powerful thought about how being born again is available to everyone.

Jul 22, 2020

Wow, horse riding can be a doozy, especially when the horse decides she would rather you not be on her back! 

Sadly, for me, I have had the opportunity to be bucked off a horse more times than I would like to admit BUT that does mean I have come to learn the most important thing to do when you get thrown on the...

Jul 20, 2020

It's no secret that I am obsessed with light... well it seems Alma is too! Boom! I love that I have in common with such a scripture rock star. 

I love the truths Alma teaches about light and I think it could totally illuminate your day. 

Jul 15, 2020

Can you imagine what a dislocated kneecap looks like? The kneecap slides to the side of the leg and BOOM! So, much pain. You don't even want to know how many times this has happened to my right kneecap...

This week's story invites you to look at your own challenges in your life that compel you to be more humble and what...